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I am Krystal Clark, a professional photographer serving Southern Illinois and the St. Louis metropolitan area. Please be sure to visit the Portfolio page on this site and my Facebook Page. You can even follow me on Twitter.  I hope you enjoy my work! If you would like more information, visit the Contact Me page.

My Style as a Photographer

wedding photographerOne of the things I love about being a photographer is that it is not just about me and my style. My clients each bring their own unique style and persona to the other end of my lens. I want to capture this in my work as a photographer. I truly believe that God makes creative people most creative when we work together. Together, my clients and I capture beautiful images of them and their loved ones. Each experience is one-of-a-kind.

I am a natural light photographer. This means that I look for and use the natural light available wherever we shoot. I try to keep the use of flashes and other artificial lights to an absolute minimum. My view is that natural light makes for more emotion and deeper photographs. By using available natural light, I am able to capture images reflecting rare moments-in-time. Nothing should appear staged or artificial.

wedding photographerportrait photographerMy approach is to see and work with ambient light and adapt to it so that my subject is portrayed beautifully and naturally in that light. Part of this involves me seeing where the light is, how it falls and the shades and shadows it casts. Light alone (especially natural light) can add different emotions and dramatically change the feel of a photo without the subject moving or changing expression.

On your wedding day and during other times when we shoot portraits of you and your loved ones I will make things as comfortable and fun as possible. The special moments I capture, like your wedding day, the days after you bring your newborn home, etc. should be among the happiest days of your life. You should be having fun working with me! I want you to feel relaxed and enjoy our time together. I find that when clients feel comfortable enough in front of me to express their true emotions and tell me their wishes about their photos, that makes for the best images.



About Me

But enough philosophy.  Here is a little bit about me:

I like to think I’m a trophy wife. My husband, Jayson, tells me I am. I am the stay-at-home mom of two very perfect, funny, handsome and mostly messy little boys named Owen and Hudson. They don’t like to have their pictures taken anymore. I guess I’ve over-done it… I live in St. Louis, Missouri, but our family travels to Southern Illinois a lot. We regularly spend time in Eldorado, Illinois where my husband and I both were raised, and at Lake of Egypt, where we go to unwind. I am blessed to have my parents, and Jayson’s parents, who all double as grandparents and babysitters while I shoot in Southern Illinois. I could not do it without you. As for my husband, Jayson — He supports my crazy ideas, and my expensive camera gear addiction… I love you, Jayson.

I became a photographer thanks to two very important mentors in Southern Illinois who heavily influenced me. David Horning was my first mentor and the person who first showed me how to take great pictures. Without David, I would still be trying to figure out how to turn on my first camera. David introduced me to Stephanie Milligan, who took me under her “wedding wing” and showed me that I have what it takes to be a professional photographer. I am so grateful to have these two great and very talented mentors, both of whom continue to influence and help me.

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