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Cancer Warrior

Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a WARRIOR.” – Karl Van Clausewitz I was invited to take part in a very rare and unique series of shoots recently. They are proving to be among the most memorable shoots of my photography career. A young woman from my hometown wanted to document her


Child Portraits – 9 Month Love

When I’m preparing for a portrait session with a small child, several thoughts often run through my mind. Can they sit up? Can they stand? Is this going to be nap time, meal time, play time, or a grumpy time? When it came to my shoot with 9 month old Lyra, what I found was


Making Love Look Easy – Engagement Photography in Southern Illinois

Engagement Photography in Southern Illinois This weekend was fabulous. I spent my Saturday doing some engagement photography with such a warm family. It makes me sad to think I don’t have any more shoots scheduled with these two. They are so in love and it reads so well through my lens. I Wish you all nothing but

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October 2, 2012 12:00 am

“Old Bulldog”

I love it when brides incorporate heirlooms into their wedding days. This bride included a hat pin from her grandpa’s coal helmet on her bouquet. As a granddaughter, I thought this was such a nice touch. It was such a simple and powerful way to bring her grandfather into the ceremony. Our loved ones truly


Love Notes

A scenario that wedding videographers often like to capture is footage of the bride and groom writing and then reading love letters to one another on their wedding day. Done right and not overly-staged, this can be something very special. What is even more sweet and special is when a couple decides to write love

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