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As your family grows, you are going to love having beautiful family portraits taken by a professional photographer adorning the walls of your home.  Who doesn’t love the sweet sleepy shot of a newborn baby?  We all love to watch the toddler who just learned to sit up and the one who is just starting to walk.  As your kids get older, you are going to want to capture memories of their favorite hobbies, sports and other activities.  Your point-and-shoot camera may be nice, but you need a portrait photographer! I am here to help you preserve those memories, even as life rushes by.

Portrait Photographer Pricing

All of my family sessions start at $125 and include up to three hours of shooting time. This is usually more than enough time to get great shots.  Three hours is also about the maximum limit for most kiddos when it comes to their patience in front of a camera.


This session can be in your home. We will need space and natural light through a window or a doorway. I will turn your home into a mini studio to shoot your new arrival. These shoots often take nearly 3 hours to complete. We want baby in that sweet deep sleep and looking peaceful. I will bring soft and plush props. For best results we should shoot before baby turns ten days old.


Taking pictures of small children can be a tall task. These sweetie-pies have often developed big personalities.  One moment, that that may mean a jolly little boy or girl. Other times, it might mean a rebellious kiddo. Shooting photos of children takes patience. Sometimes it requires a lot more shooting time than other sessions. If we take our time, we will get something special. We will play and laugh and catch whatever attitude they present. In the end, I will find a way to shoot with their attitude, whether it involves tears or smiles.

We can meet at a park, in your yard or wherever we find good natural light. If a place is sentimental to you or your child, we can meet there. If your child has a favorite sport, plays an instrument or is into some other activity, we can incorporate it. If your little girl just wants to play dress-up and have her picture taken, we can do that.

Family Portraits

When it is time to get everyone together for a family portrait, we can generally make that happen in about an hour or two.  The big challenge here is getting your family together, finding a great location and making sure everyone is smiling at the same time. With proper planning, we will get that shot of everyone that you will be proud to turn into a canvas wrap and hang over the fireplace. We can also get more intimate shots of grandma holding the new baby, all of the kids together, or whatever else you like.

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