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I take photos of couples in love. Isn’t that what you really want — a wedding photographer who can give you beautiful images reflecting and preserving the memory of you and your sweetheart in love?  On your wedding day, engagement or “just because”, we will set the stage and create the photos you will love to hang on the walls of your home and put in albums to show your family and friends. Together we will capture the awesome images that you will cherish for the rest of your life.


Our First Visit

In order for me to capture the best images possible on your special day, we need to start early and build a special relationship between you, the couple in love and me, your photographer. I like to meet with my couples (or at least the bride) early in the process and sit down for a thorough consultation before you book me. This allows us to take a good hard look at one another and see if I am the right wedding photographer for you.

wedding photographerI know how you feel about selecting a wedding photographer because I once stood where you are. I know that if you are not comfortable with my personality, my style and my process, we probably will not accomplish our goal of creating beautiful images of you and your sweetheart in love. We will cover many things during our first visit.

We will talk about how all wedding photographers are not created equal and why the right wedding photographer for your friend might not be the right wedding photographer for you. I will explain how I work, what you can expect from me and what I expect from you. I will invite you to do the same. I want you to book me for my style and my personality and I want you to feel comfortable with me as your wedding photographer. We will discuss the need to have open communication between us throughout the process. The more we are around each other, and build this level of communication, the better your wedding day will photographer

We will plan your engagement session. All of my packages include an engagement session and you are going to have a blast putting yours together. I have found that engagement sessions give couples more flexibility to express themselves. If you want to do something creative or go someplace special for this engagement session, I’m all for it.

We will also go over the need for a schedule on your big day. Wedding days rarely go as planned, but a schedule helps to keep everyone focused, minimize distractions and generally makes for much better wedding photos. A wedding planner can be a big help. If you do not have one, I can help.

We will also discuss the prices for my services. Shopping by price alone is risky business when hiring a wedding photographer. You generally will not end up with the images you desire from your wedding day if you just choose the cheapest wedding photographer you can find. You want a wedding photographer who shoots in the style you like. Personality also matters. A wedding photographer who has the personality of cardboard cannot bring you the experience, images and products you photographer


If we connect and you like my photographic style, I am confident we can find a package that fits your budget. My packages start at $2,300. Even that most basic package includes an engagement session. I have plenty of add-on’s and options to accommodate everything from simple ceremonies to all-out fairy tale dream weddings with blow-out receptions. I can lay that all out for you at our first photographer

Let’s Engage

Our next meeting will be to shoot your engagement session. Engagement sessions are so important! I include an engagement session with all of my packages because they provide both an opportunity for a mini run-through before your wedding day, and a chance for us to learn how to communicate better with one another on the big day. I’ll have a chance to gauge your personality, which will help me better cater to you in ways that make you more comfortable on your wedding day. We can discuss your creative ideas, match them with mine, and make truly unique and personalized photos. Engagement sessions can also be among the most intimate.  I’ll have you captured in a moment when you’re locking eyes and thinking about nothing else in the world but being with each other. Once we have broken through the awareness of being photographed, this true emotion will come through beautifully in the final product.

wedding photographerYour Big Day

The Wedding

Because we spent time during our first meeting making a plan, you will know what to expect from me on your wedding day. We will meet at our scheduled time and chosen location and get to work. From this point, I will not leave your side. Wherever you are, I will be there.  I will try to keep us on-schedule as much as possible. Often, that is not so easy. Couples sometimes get tired, impatient or worse. It’s okay. Your emotions will be running high on your wedding day. I will be there to patiently remind you of our plan, our goal and how happy you are going to be with the memories you are creating and I am capturing. Your wedding ceremony will probably be the quickest part of the day (at least it will feel that way). Don’t blink. Our time together will already be half way over at this point!

The Receptionwedding photographer

If you book me for your reception, I will remain by your side as you travel to and arrive there. I will capture your presentation to the guests, first dance, dances with parents, bouquet toss, garter toss, cutting of the cake and whatever other special things you have planned. This is also your chance for some awesome shots with friends and family. My role as the photographer at your reception, like the rest of your wedding day, is to be by your side, unobtrusively capturing the special moments of your big day.

The Honeymoon is Over, But We Are Not

After your wedding, I will go to work processing your images so they are ready for you to see as soon as possible.  Once I have processed your images, I will set up a time to meet with you (and anyone else you would like to bring) for a proofing consultation. This is the time for you to view your photos and decide which ones you want to include in your wedding album, custom prints, Christmas cards, thank-you notes, ornaments, etc.  These are the photos you are going to want to display around your home and share with family and friends for many years to come. I can show you so many great ways to preserve and display your engagement and wedding photos.

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Trash the Dress

Some brides want to box up their wedding dress after their wedding and keep it safely tucked away. Some like to get one more use out of their dress. A Trash the Dress session is a great way to get the shots you want, but could not risk on your wedding day because you did not want your dress to get dirty. When it is time to get your dress dirty, we can have a lot of fun!

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